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The Lead Safaris ltd Uganda

Travel in Style

Company background

The idea of starting Lead safaris Uganda was conceived a couple of years back. It was inspired by the abundance of tourist attractions available in the jungle of the pearl of Africa that have not fully been discovered notwithstanding the un professional way tour agents used to operate in Uganda. The company was fully registered as a private tours and travel agency in 2019,licenced and recognized by the Uganda government, Uganda wild life authority(UWA) and the AUTO

Vision and Goals


The vision of LEAD SAFARIS LTD. is to develop a strong and reliable tour and travel company that will operate in the entire region of East Africa.


The lead safari seeks to provide first-rate flexible service to its clients and to promote the image of Uganda as an unequalled tourist destination in the world.


Opportunities will not be avoided but the company will ensure that quality of the service remains number one.


The long-term development plans include the construction of Eco-accommodation facilities in all major parks of Uganda

Fundamental Company values

Foundational values

  • Customer orientation
  • Innovation
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Commitment
  • Enthusiasm
  • Responsiveness
  • Accuracy

Resultant benefit

  • Empowerment
  • Excellence
  • Customer service
  • Achievement
  • Competitive edge
  • Market leadership
  • Community benefit
Description of services offered to our valued clients

Adventure tours

Lead safaris offers any type of adrenaline-pumping adventure which is desired by customers, from mountaineering expeditions on the Rwenzori Mountains, mountain Elgon to gorilla tracking and white water rafting on the Nile

Cultural Tours

Uganda is a multi-cultural state and each tribe has unique and interesting customs, norms and values not forgetting the historical sites that provide a potential market for cultural tourism. Lead safaris aims at developing market potential for cultural tourism as part of national development and nation building.

Wild life safaris

Wildlife forms the biggest percentage of Uganda’s tourist attractions. The country is blessed with a variety of national park and game reserves which are all worthy visiting while on your visit to Uganda. Gorilla and chimpanzee trekking activities in Bwindi, mgahinga and kibale national parks are very memorable adrenaline pumping activities you will never want to miss.

Relaxing Holidays

For more relaxing excursions and activities customers can choose for a beach tour on the Ssese Islands, samuka islands, banda islands, stay at Lake Bunyonyi or visit the Nyero rock paintings.

Special interest journeys

Special interest journeys in Uganda: besides the classical safaris, Lead safaris offers theme packages and special interest tours, like honeymoons, team building and special cultural tours

East African tour

The lead safaris provides tours in neighboring countries like Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, DRC and Tanzania all packed in the famous 20 days east African experience. This enables our travelers to have the real taste of the region in full detail.

Other services

We currently offer a comprehensive range of complementary services to support the safaris for customers. These services include:

  • Personalized assistance on arrival and departure
  • Accommodation in all category of hotels from budget to 4-5 star hotels
  • Multilingual guide services
  • Sightseeing in comfortable chauffeur-driven cars or coaches
  • Special cultural theme events, e.g. Uganda Martyr’s Day
  • Tour – hotel – package booking
  • Convention, conferences and exhibitions
  • Itinerary planning and tailor-made holidays
  • Directory of advice and information services covering each country and adventure for a safari activity

Sales and marketing

Lead safaris’ tour products and services are featured in Uganda Tourism Board, which is part of Uganda Government Tourist Promotion Program. A lead safari maintains close contact with the Uganda Government, UWA and AUTO in order to guarantee service, flexibility and consistency has been at the forefront of internet marketing.

In addition, the company establishes international partnerships and networks in throughout the world, in 2019 published its own complete website:, which now receives hundreds of visitors worldwide. The website has created a dynamic increase as national, regional and international market infrastructure for valued customers and a potential client base. As an integral service to its clients,

The company established permanent residence for easy access at Yusufu mall, 1st floor, Kisasi-Kyanja road.

  • In addition LEAD SAFARIS publishes brochures and stickers which are distributed locally in order to increase awareness and publicity.
  • The company offers competitive packages that are cost effective yet maximizing customer expectations. These packages ranges between 2-20 days of holidays across east Africa as can be seen on our website
  • Lead safaris offers its services in partnership with other travel agents, hotels, restaurants among other service providers to ensure effective service delivery. This has enabled us deliver excellent tour services to our esteemed customers from time to time.

Human resource

  • The Lead Safaris employs a staff of 10 competent office workers, guides and drivers Self-evidently all employees possess high experience and education qualifications. Many different languages are spoken, like English, Swahili and several other local languages, in order to manage clients for optimal satisfaction.
  • Being aware of the crucial role a guide plays in one’s holiday, the company makes high demands on these employees. Each guide of has an extensive knowledge of the region in which the company operates. They are all a depth in their knowledge of the flora and fauna of Uganda and through their experience they can choose the best spots in the country to visit for each particular need.
  • They have experience ranging from regular touring to mountaineering, sport fishing, cultural tours and bird watching
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