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Kidepo valley national game park lies on 1,442 square kilo meters of land founded on the rock semi-arid karamoja is among Uganda’s very remote yet magnificent national parks which harbor scenery unrivaled in any other national park in the whole of Africa continent.

The park offers breathtaking savannah scenery that end into a rocky horizon .it features a wide latitudinal array that offers a variety of climate conditions which have evolved remarkably different vegetation. Essentially this has facilitated the growth of an assortment of animal species within the park which are equally plentiful among which are a number not seen in other parts of this country and Africa at large.

The park is among the finest Uganda birding safari features a bird list of more than 475 species  among which include ostriches, silverbird, superb starling, vinaceous dove,brown-backed woodpecker, hoopoe, little green bee-eater, nightjars, white bellied tit,mosque swallow,African grey flycatcher, hornbills, little weaver,Abyssinian and rufouscrowned rollers,green-winged,pigeons, kori among so many others.

The park also supports a wonderful variety of animal species in comparison to any other park within east has over 80 mammal species are recorded which include; cheetahs,hunting dog, pangolins, bat-eared fox,stripped hyena, caracal, aardwolf, elephants,oribus, burchells, zebras, jacksons hartebeests, bush pigs cape buffaloes,warthogs,Rothschild giraffes,bush bucks,lions,leopards,mongoose to mention but a few.

There are also a lot of cultural performances.there is a cultural group of entertainers who are at all times ready to perform on requests.the performers offer a variety of entertainment such as traditional dances including the Emuya of the Nyangia plus the Naporre ethnic groups as well as the Larakahara and the Apitidances of the ethnic Acholi people.the money collctedc by these groups is used to help in charitable works.

Nature walks in the park. Enhance your knowledge on the African culture as you visit the karamojongs homesteads which are locally reffered to as manyattas and may be their kraals to view their traditional costumes,jewelry,bows and arrows,stools,spears,headderss plus knives.

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